Thailand Polo King’s Cup has been organised by the Thailand Polo Association (TPA) since 2003, and has become one of the most prestigious annual polo tournaments in the region. H.M. King Rama IX has endowed a trophy particularly for this tournament, and every year a special invitation is extended to His Excellency Privy Councillor, who presides over the opening ceremony.


Thailand Polo King’s Cup

King Power Player


Goals : 1

Profiles: ‘Top’ has represented Thailand and is a very talented player. He was on the Thailand team for 2007 SEA games, the first time that the sport of polo was included in the games, achieving bronze medal. He has also played with Prince Charles and Prince William in various Charity tournaments in England.


Goals : 0

Profiles: ‘Tal’ has represented the Thailand team on the 2007 Thailand SEA Games team that received a Bronze medal. Tal is a very strong team player with experience, competing in UK, Dubai, Argentina, Thailand and many international tournaments.

Marcos DiPaola

Goals : 8

Profiles: Marcos Di Paola 8 Goals Handicap from Buenos Aires and like many other Argentines, he started playing polo at the age of 5. Marcos Di Paola also returns to the King Power lineup from the British polo season 2014.

Gonzalo Pieres

Goals : 10

Profiles: Gonzalo Pieres is a one of the world’s best polo players at 10 goals and is currently, ranked number 2. He debuted in the Argentine Open in 1999. No stranger to winning trophies, he has won tournaments in Sotogrande (Spain), Deauville (France) and England. Gonzo joins the King Power lineup once again from the previous British polo season 2014.

Ahmibah Brunei Player

HH Prince Qawi

Goals : -1

Profiles: Prince Qawi the first son of HRH Prince Mohamed Bolkiah and had started playing in 1996 but had then took a break from polo due to work commitment (overseas) for a considerable time. The All Asia Cup 2014 was be Prince Qawi’s first polo tournament in Thailand and this will be Ahmibah’s second polo tournament here.

HRH Prince Jefri Bolkiah

Goals : 4

Profiles: HRH Prince Jefri Bolkiah HRH Prince Jefri Bolkiah is the first generation of polo players to bring the sports popularity to Brunei. A keen sportsman, Prince Jefri participated in the All Asia Cup 2014 and the Thailand Polo King’s Cup will be His Royal Highness’s second major tournament in Thailand.

Ale Agote

Goals : 8

Profiles: A regular on the Royal Brunei team, Ale returns TBC

Francesco Bensadon

Goals : 8

Profiles: Francesco Bensadon is professional 8 goals handicap and like many of the world’s best polo players, he was born in Argentina 1987. His remarkable game is Julio Novillo Astrada Cup, Camara de Diputados SemiFinal in 2014 and Deauville Gold Cup 2011.

BP polo Player

Dato Beh ( James )

Goals : 1

Profiles: Dato Beh 1 goal Handicap from BP polo team, Malaysia. In 2012 he participated in the World Snow Championship in Aspen, USA. From his performance he got the champion in the Hawaii vs.

Garvy Beh

Goals : 4

Profiles: Garvy Beh 4 goals Handicap from BP polo team, Malaysia. In 2009-2010 Champion, UK Polo under 16 years old, 2010&2012 Champion, William Field Cup Cornell University USA and 2012 1st Asian and 1st family team to ever compete

Joevy Beh

Goals : 4

Profiles: Joevy Beh 4 goals Handicap from BP polo team, Malaysia. In 2012 he played the World Snow Championship in Aspen, won the 2nd Malaysian Polo Open 2006 and won the best player & top scorer awards.

Nachi Heguy

Goals : 9

Profiles: Nachi Heguy 9 goal handicap he was born in 1973, in Argentina, Heguy is a four-time Argentine Open champion and was the winner of the U.S. Open in 2008.

The Brunei Polo Team Player

HRH Princess Azemah

Goals : -1

Profiles: HRH Princess Azemah was born in 1980, daugter of his Majesty Sultan Bolkiah. She participated in Ralph Lauren International Ladies Polo 2014, Dubai and best Playing Amateur Award went to Princess Azemah.

HH Prince Bahar

Goals : 1

Profiles: His Highness Prince Bahar has a 1 goal handicap, and the second son of HRH Prince Jefri. including at Sotogrande in Spain and in the Gold Cup and Queen's Cup in UK. He plays off 1 goal and the All Asia Cup will be his first polo tournament in Thailand.

Joaquin Pittaluga

Goals : 7

Profiles: At 7 goals, Pittaluga certainly has many achievements, including the Camara de Diputados Final, Diamond Cup, Metro High Goal, Argentine Republica Cup 2014. In addition he has interesting match such as Camara de Diputados Cup, Royal Windsor.

Ignacio Novillo Astrada

Goals : 9

Profiles: One of the worlds higher ranking players, Ignacio again hails from Argentina with a 9 goal handicap. With a long tracklist, some of his major highlights include the Ellerstina Goal Cup Final 2014, USPA Goal Cup Final 2012, CV Whitney Cup 2011.

Global Port Player

Michael Romero

Goals : 0

Profiles: Apart from playing polo at his club in Manila, Mikee has a busy life as as the figurehead of many majoy organisations. He is also the the Chairman of 168 Ferrum Pacific Mining Corporation and Vice Chairman of AirAsia Philippines.

Benjamin Urquiza

Goals : 5

Profiles: He participated in Camara de Diputados cup, Pacific Coast Open, Warwickshire Cup and Prince of Wales Trophy, Deauville Goal Cup.

Manuel Alberto Crespo

Goals : 7

Profiles: Manuel is a professional polo player with another notable track record; playing in USA, Chili, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Germany.

Anthony Garcia

Goals : 5

Profiles: 5 goal handicap from Philippines, Garcia participated in US Polo Cup, The Heritage Cup in England, AirAsia Crystal Cup and the SEA games in Thailand, representing the Philippines. He frequently plays for the Global Port polo team.

Tang Polo Club Player

Shilai Liu

Goals : 1

Profiles: The patron at 1 handicap from China, and owner of the infamous Tang Polo Club in Beijing that organised the first ever Royal Salute Gold Cup 2011 China Open Polo Tournament.

Miguel Diaz

Goals : 5

Profiles: Currently with a 5 goals handicap, and like many of the world's best players, Miguel hails from Pilar, Argentina and currently based in Asia. His best teacher was Angel Diaz, his father, and that feels the most important part of polo is to take care of the horses.

Guillermo (Temi) Willington

Goals : 7

Profiles: he was born in 1977, Argentina. He has played in the most prestigious tournaments around the globe.

Antonino Menard

Goals : 4

Profiles: With a 4 goal handicap, Antonino is one of the younger, talented players. Always fit, Antonino believes that maintaining a polo player’s physical condition is a priority.