The International is back, and this time Sam Instone has come all the way from Afghanistan to captain the Dubai Team. Shy Ronnie is making his first appearance at VR this year with the Paisano Gauchos for Singapore. Captain No will be taking the reins of the Thai Team, and Mikee Romero will be back on form with his intrepid Global Port Team for Philippines. The action will be riveting, so don't miss it. Thailand reigns supreme on the final day, giving the International Club Series Cup to the Thai Team.


2014 Polo International Club Series (18- 22 Mar, 2014)

Friday 25th April 04.30 pm Thailand Singapore SPP. Field
Friday 25th April 05.30 pm Dubai Philippines VR field
Saturday 26th April 04.30 pm Dubai Thailand SPP. Field
Saturday 26th April 05.30 pm Singapore Philippines VR field
Sunday 27th April 04.30 pm Philippines Thailand SPP. Field
Sunday 27th April 05.30 pm Singapore Dubai VR field