The Ambassador's Cup Tournament will be co-hosted with The American Club in 2014. It is known for its fabulous dinner, which incorporates the prize giving ceremony. Non-golfing partners are welcome to join everyone for the dinner. The standard of prizes is top-notch, with last year's players winning golf equipment, overseas trips, airline tickets, hand-woven carpets, bottles of wine and more.


The Ambassador's Cup (09 – 18 Jan, 2014)

Tuseday 18th Mar. 04.30 pm Singha 3½ – 6 Crockfords
Tuseday 18th Mar. 05.30 pm King Power 8 – 7 L’Oreal Men Expert
Wednesday 19th Mar. 04.30 pm King Power 6 – 4 Air Asia
Wednesday 19th Mar. 05.30 pm Crockfords 3 – 4 SCB
Thursday 20th Mar. 04.30 pm SCB SPP. Field Singha
Thursday 20th Mar. 05.30 pm L’Oreal Men Expert 8 – 9½ Air Asia
Friday 20th Mar. 04.30 pm Play for 5th and 6th Place 1 – 2
Saturday 20th Mar. 04.30 pm Subsidiary Final
Saturday 20th Mar. 18.00 pm Final