Thailand Polo King’s Cup Tournament – Day 4 by Victoria Elsbury-Legg January 23rd, 2015

Day 4 – Friday 23rd January

16:00 Brunei Polo 8.5 v 8 BP Healthcare (SPP Field)

17:30 Tang Polo 10 v Global Port 9 (VR Field)

The first sub-final of Day 4 began with Brunei Polo meeting BP Healthcare on the SPP Field - Brunei with a one and a half goal start due to handicap. At half time the scores read Brunei Polo 4.5 v 6 BP Healthcare in what had been an even game until the third chukka when James Beh put two more goals on the BP Healthcare side of the board taking them into the lead. At the beginning of the fourth Ignacio Novillo Astrada found another goal for the team in red, meaning Brunei Polo now only trailed by half a goal at 5.5 v 6. At the end of the fourth Brunei converted a forty yard penalty to put them into the lead 6.5 to BP Healthcare’s 6 goals. Another goal in the first minute of the final chukka for Brunei Polo saw them furthering their lead at 7.5 v 6. In the final two minutes of play BP Healthcare put a goal on the board once again so there was just half a goal in it once again at 7.5 v 7. Another forty yard penalty given to Brunei Polo and the scores were 8.5 v 7, then followed a thirty yard penalty in BP Healthcare’s favour and once again at 8.5 v 8 there was half a goal between the two teams – which ended up being the final result at the closing bell of the match with Brunei Polo the winners.

By the middle of the second chukka of the second match it was 3 all to Tang Polo and Global Port, with Global Port taking the lead by the start of the third at 5 v 4 Tang Polo. Nearing the end of chukka three a goal by Miguel Diaz levelled the scores once again to 5 all, with Benjamin Urquiza then scoring for Global Port putting them ahead at 6 v 5. As the final chukka started it was once again level on the scoreboard – this time reading 7 all, with both teams quickly scoring it rose to 8 all. Great play from Temi Willington in what was a very close game, then put Tang Polo ahead at 9 v 8. With another goal from Miguel Diaz (who scored 7 goals for his side during this match) the final results meant a win for the team in yellow at Tang Polo 10 v 9 Global Port.

Post-match umpire Tim Keyte remarked on how polo had evolved in Thailand since his first visit to Bangkok, ‘This is my seventh year to Thailand and since the Sea Games in 2007 polo has developed in leaps and bounds to the standard of the high goal today in this tournament. With the development and investment in the grounds clubs and horses here, I feel Asia can compete with the tours around the world such as Sotogrande and Dubai. Now, with the Asian countries competing in this tournament I can see the development of an Asian high goal tour in the not too distant future in which all the teams will compete.’

With some exceptional polo being witnessed by all on the pitches of VR Sports Club over the last few days, the numerous VIP guests and spectators who are expected for Saturday’s final between King Power and Ahmibah Brunei will be guaranteed some spectacular on-pitch action between the players in blue (Gonzalo Pieres, Marcos Di Paola and brothers Apichet and Aiyawatt ‘Top’ Srivaddhanaprabha) as they come face to face with the white shirted Ahmibah Brunei team (HH Prince Qawi, HRH Prince Jefri Bolkiah, Francesco Bensadon , Ale Agote).

Day 5 – Saturday 24th January - Final

17:30 King Power v Ahmibah Brunei (VR Field)

See below for full team list and schedule of play.

King’s Cup Tournament Schedule of Play 2015

Day 1 - Tuesday 20th January

16:00 King Power 9 v 7.5 Tang Polo (VR Field)
17:30 BP Healthcare 6 v 9.5 Ahmibah Brunei (VR Field)

Day 2 – Wednesday 21st January

1600 BP Healthcare 8 v 9.5 Global Port (SSP Field)
17:30 King Power 11 v 9.5 Brunei Polo (VR Field)

Day 3 – Thursday 22nd January

16:00 Tang Polo 10 v 8 Brunei Polo (SPP Field)
17:30 Global Port 5 v 5.5 Ahmibah Brunei (VR Field)

Day 4 – Friday 23rd January

16:00 Brunei Polo (5th) 8.5 v 8 BP Healthcare (6th) (SPP Field)
17:30 Tang Polo (3rd) 10 v 9 Global Port (4th) (VR Field)

Day 5 – Saturday 24th January

17:30 King Power v Ahmibah Brunei (VR Field)

King’s Cup Tournament 2015 Teams*

*Please note: The King’s Cup is a 15-18 goal tournament, King Power’s team was entered in December when Aiyawatt ‘Top’ Srivaddhanaprabha’s handicap was 0, subsequently, on the 1st January 2015 his handicap was raised to 1, so King Power will play as a 19 goal team. All handicaps will be introduced with goal advantage for less handicapped teams.

Group 1

King Power (19 goals) – Thailand (blue)
1. Apichet Srivaddhanaprabha (0)
2. Aiyawatt (Top) Srivaddhanaprabha (1)
3. Gonzalo Pieres (10)
4. Marcos Di Paola (8)

Tang Polo Club (17 goals) – China (yellow)
1. Shilai Liu (1)
2. Miguel Diaz (5)
3. Temi Wellington (7)
4. Antonino Menard (4)

Brunei Polo Team (18 goals) – Brunei** (red)
1. HRH Princess Azamah (0)
2. HH Prince Bahar (1)
3. Pablo Mac Donough (10) **
4. Joaquim Pittaluga (7)

**Please note: In matches being played on Wednesday 21st January Pablo Mac Donough (10) will be substituting for previously listed player Ignacio Novillo Astrada (9), meaning the Brunei Polo Team will now be an 18 goal team.

Group 2

BP Healthcare (18 goals) – Malaysia (orange)
1. James Beh (1)
2. Joevy Beh (4)
3. Garvy Beh (4)
4. Nachi Heguy (9)

Global Port (17 goals) – Philippines (black)
1. Michael Romero (0)
2. Benjamin Urquiza (5)
3. Manuel Crespo (7)
4. Anthony Garcia (5)

Ahmibah Brunei (15 goals) – Brunei (white)
1. HH Prince Qawi (-1)
2. HRH Prince Jefri Bolkiah (0)
3. Francesco Bensadon (8)
4. Ale Agote (8)


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