Kanoksakdi BhinsaengPresident Thailand polo Association

On behalf of The Thailand Polo Association, I wish to thank all our loyal partners who have given their trust and full support to our Association.

Throughout the years, our main objective has been to help increase polo’s popularity and standards within Thailand and Internationally. Our contribution to the sport is reflected in our extensive participation in hosting tournaments at international standards to develop our Thai national players. Our passion for the sport will no doubt propel Thai polo further onto the international stage.

Apichet SrivaddhanaprabhaSecretary Thailand Polo Association

Thawatjai ThavisriAdvisor Thailand Polo Association

Vice President

Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha Vice President

Sombat Dechapanichkul Vice President

Pairoj Boonkongchuen Vice President

TPA Secretary

Apichet Srivaddhanaprabha TPA Secretary

Supaporn Wattanathaworn TPA Assistant to Secretary

Kritjutha Pitikhamporn TPA Assistant to Secretary


Bovornovadep Devakula Committee

Chulchit Bunyaketu Committee

Jertjun Robin Lourvanij Committee

Narit Chia-Apar Committee

Ploy Bhinsaeng Committee

Aroonroong Srivaddhanaprabha Committee

Panupong Prechakas Committee

Tanarat Pasawongse Committee

Wallapa Pokachaiyapat Committee & Registrar

Lakkana Jongsukee Committee & Treasurer

Juajan Nualyoung Committee & Assistant to Treasurer

Thananan Vilailuck Committee & Public Relation

Association Management

Kritjutha Pitikhamporn (Emmy) Section Manager

Fazeela Chemae (Na) Tournament Operations

Korakot Kuhaphet (Pope) Tournament Operations

Dongkamon Onswai (Ploy) International & Development Officer

Pruksa Kosol (Nan), Kathayooth Chandrubeksa (Yooth) Marketing & Public Relation Officer

Polo Management

Lucas Lujan Polo Manager