Thailand Polo Association

Thailand Polo Association was founded by Mr Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha in August 1998, and was given national status as the Thailand Polo association in January 2004. Mr Vichai has long been involved in the sport and intends to popularize Polo within Thailand and to develop the skills of players in the country in order to compete successfully internationally with the leading polo playing nations.

Since its foundation, the Thailand Polo Association has supported and organised tournaments in Thailand, and has sent local players to international competitions.

The major national tournaments include Thailand Polo King’s Cup, a competition where teams compete for a trophy bearing the name of Thailand’s monarch, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulayadej. This is an internationally respected event with teams attending from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines and even as far as afield as Australia and Dubai.

In 2007, Thailand hosted the 24th Sea Games, the first time that polo has been included in the history of the Sea Games. Thailand Polo Association supported the Thai national team who went on to win the bronze medal. The Thailand Polo Association continually support Thai teams to compete at international competitions. One premier example is The Chakravarty Cup, as one of the most important international events in the polo calendar and is held annually between June and July at the renowned Ham Polo Club in England. The trophy is named after Mr. Saroj Chakravarty, a patron of the Prince’s Trust. The Prince Trust is a foundation created to raise funds and sponsorship for charities under the auspices of HRH Prince Charles and HRH Prince William which fosters educational and professional programmes for underprivileged British children and adults.


The Thailand Polo Association is the official governing body of polo in Thailand. As an official association representing polo, the Thailand Polo Association works to support the development of the sport in Thailand and in the South East Asian region with the common interests of affiliated clubs and associations in mind. With its origins as a uniquely niche sport, polo has been known as the ‘Sport of Kings’.